CMA is a growing family of organic church networks. Each network began with a team that had a heart to see their region discipled and churched. Many have outgrown that original team and location. Each network has its own identity, strengths and weaknesses.

What makes us stronger is our desire to work together and learn together as we seek to live out the mission of Jesus. Sometimes the roots of one network get so connected with the roots of another it becomes impossible to separate them. At other times one root system gives birth to an entirely new cluster of churches. Organic Churching can be messy and doesn’t always stay in our tight boxes. As long as the life is real, from Christ and healthy, the work is fruitful and meaningful.

All we ask of a network is that they learn alongside of the rest of us. That means that they benefit from the discoveries of others and they share with the rest of us what they learn in the pursuit of Christ and His kingdom. Together we are a learning community in pursuit of our one King and His mission for us.

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