Our Mission:

Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) exists to facilitate church multiplication movements by focusing resources on reproducing healthy disciples, leaders, churches and movements.

We pursue the fulfillment of our mission with the following four objectives…

1) To be a catalyst for a church multiplication vision among churches.

a. By developing and distributing resources for the raising up and training of church planters.

b. By providing on-going strategy, vision, ministry tools and leadership for multiplying regional movements of church planting.

2) To focus resources toward the reproduction of healthy churches.

3) To assist in developing, assessing and deploying leaders for new churches and regional movements.

4) To function in partnership with other like ministries in God’s kingdom for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Our Core Values:


  1. Regarding Strategy: Leadership over location.
  2. Regarding Resource: Ministry over money.
  3. Regarding Focus: Converts over Christians.
  4. Regarding Process: Disciples over decisions.
  5. Regarding Investment: People over property.
  6. Regarding Power: Spirit over self.
  7. Regarding Loyalty: His kingdom, never ours.